Setting Fire to a Yesterday

So why the title cryptic title huh, well it explains the past few days of my life and the struggle I’ve gone through to even make it to this very day. Lately I’ve been feeling extra sick, like I picked up a virus or the flu or pneumonia. I don’t see how I got sick…



Today I awoke late for the day but I was happy to be at michael’s house. With my recent activites I was too busy to stop by during the week and decided to stay over his house for the weekend. I even brought Luna my new almost 3 month year old mini schnauzer.  She is…

Make yourself happy

“When your a caregiver it is important yes to pay attention to the needs of the individual you care for but when you get so absorbed to the point where you snap or can’t think about anything but the person themselves in my opinion is one that is not healthy. How can you make clear cut decisions when your mind is in a different place? I need to take care of my self to be someone’s rock. “